Prof Andrea Sciarrone statement

Since the very beginning of my career, I have always been active in the e-health field. I have been involved in several e-health based projects (national and international) and published papers on e-health related topics in International Journals and Conferences, in particular in the e-health tracks of IEEE ICC/GC. Currently, I am serving as e-health TC volunteer as a newsletter contributor and as possible Symposium Co-Chair for the incoming e-health tracks at IEEE ICC/GC. It will be my greatest pleasure to continue to serve this important TC as Secretary, supporting Chair and Vice-chair in moving forward within the IEEE Communication Society.


Short Biography:

Andrea Sciarrone was born in Leghorn, Italy on May 12th, 1984. He got his bachelor degree in 2007 and his master of science in 2009, both in in Telecommunication Engineering. In 2014 he got a Ph.D. in Science and Technology for Information and Knowledge at the University of Genoa. Currently, he is Assistant Professor in the research staff of the Telecommunication Group and, in particular of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Laboratory at the DITEN department of the University of Genoa. His main research activities concern e-health applications, signal processing over Internet of Things and Context and Location Awareness.

Andrea Sciarrone is an active member of the IEEE ComSoc e-Health TC since 2013. He attended several meetings in the last years (for example IEEE GC 2015 in SanDiego, IEEE ICC 2016 in Kuala Lumpur and IEEE ICC 2017 Paris).

Andrea Sciarrone has contributed with many papers to previous e-health tracks of the ComSoc flagship conferences and he has several publications on Journals/Magazines of interest for our community. Furthermore, he has been involved in several funded e-health projects, both national and international.

In 2016 the IEEE Communication Society presents him the best paper award during the International Conference on Cloud Networking (CloudNet 2016), 3-5 October 2016, Pisa, Italy.

During the last years he volunteers as a contributor for the eHealth TC newsletter. At the moment, he is candidate as IEEE Symposium Co-Chair for the e-health track for GC 2019, Honolulu (US).

Relevant publications:

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