The eHealth TC has approved the formation of six different Interest Groups (IGs).

Every IG represents a precise and important opportunity to discuss, work and propose new eHealth-based initiatives. IGs can also be seen as an important opportunity to strengthen the collaborations among members inside the TC itself.

These are the created IGs along with the related chair(s):
Smart and connect health: ChunSheng Xin (, Sabah Mohammed (;
Big data for e-Health: Jinan Fiadhi (;
Future technologies for the health of the ageing brain: Michael Taynnan Barros (;
Blockchain for e-Health: Simon Fong (;
AI for e-Health: Shamim Hossain (;
IoT for e-Health: Sudip Misra (;

The task of the IG(s) chair(s) is to propose new initiatives and activities related to the topics that such IG skims.

The TC warmly encourages all the members who are working on one (or more than one) topics related to the aforementioned IGs to contact the related chair(s) to form a working group and to be updated on the initiatives that IG is proposing. Obviously, ideas, suggestions and proposal from all of you are allowed and very much welcomed.

Below are reported the IG structures:

Smart and connect health (Chairs: ChunSheng Xin, Sabah Mohammed)

Big data for e-Health (Chair: Jinan Fiadhi)

Blockchain for eHealth (Chairs: Simon Fong)

Future technologies for the ageing brain (Chair: Micheal Taynnan Barros)

AI for eHealth (Chair: Shamim Hossain)

IoT for eHealth (Chair: Sudip Misra)