This page contains the list of the eHealth Technical Committee (TC) Voting Members.

As per our TC P&P, update on July, 22th, 2020 (see here: we define:

Member: any IEEE ComSoc member who is in a good state and who subscribe to the eHealth-TC mailing list as it is specified on the eHealth-TC Web page;

Voting Member: to become Voting Member it is necessary to be a Member and also have attended at least 2 physical meetings during the last 2 years before election (not including the meeting during which the election happens). Due to the COVID pandemic, all the conferences editions which allowed virtual presences, Zoom attendance will be considered as valid presence.

At the moment (September, 25th, 2023) these are the current eHealth TC Voting Members:

  1. Joel Rodrigues
  2. Andrea Sciarrone
  3. Hsi-Pin Ma
  4. Ayman Radwan
  5. Igor Bisio
  6. Abd-Elhamid Taha
  7. Ayan Mondal
  8. Arijit Roy
  9. Shamim Hossain
  10. Rongxing Liu
  11. Honggang Wang
  12. Joseph Jornet
  13. Christos Verikoukis
  14. Damla Turgut
  15. Jinan Fiadhi
  16. Sabah Mohammed
  17. Haoran Chi
  18. Simon Fong
  19. Fatima Domingues
  20. Ghulam Muhammad
  21. Xiaohui Liang
  22. Yeong Min Jang
  23. Shiwen Mao
  24. Sudip Misra
  25. Nada Philip
  26. Giulia Cisotto
  27. Chiara Garibotto

NOTE: This page has been updated on September, 25th, 2023.
The list of the Voting members will be considered DEFINITIVE on October, 15th, 2023.