eHealth TC has launched a global eHealth newsletter, which provides a platform for information sharing on technology advancement, national eHealth policy, service deployment and venture investment, as well as collaboration opportunities in the eHealth area.

The Newsletter is contributed by a group of volunteers from different countries as follows. All volunteers from any country are welcome to contribute and provide useful information for the letter.

Newsletter Issues:

2012MAY-JUNE 2012 – SEPT-OCT 2012

2013JAN-FEB 2013 – MAR-APR 2013 – MAY-JUN 2013 – JUL-AUG 2013 – SEP-OCT 2013 – NOV-DEC 2013

2014JAN-FEB 2014 – MAR-APR 2014 – NOV-DEC 2014

2015MAY-JUN 2015

2016: SEPT-OCT 2016 – NOV-DEC 2016

2017: JAN-FEB 2017  – MAR-APR 2017 – SEPT-OCT 2017 – NOV-DEC 2017

2018: APRIL 2018NOVEMBER 2018

2019: MARCH 2019APRIL 2019JUNE 2019AUGUST 2019

2020: JUNE 2020, AUGUST 2020, OCTOBER 2020, DECEMBER 2020

2021: APRIL 2021


Dr Nada Philip, Kingston University, UK

Regional correspondents (the TC is looking for new regional correspondents, please don’t hesitate to contact the editor in case you would like to contribute, the mandate is for 2 years, correspondents are considered as active members of the TC) :

Baset Khalaf (South Africa) – (new term)
Thabo Nkwe (Botswana) – (term finished, position to renew)
Jill Fortuin (South Africa) – (term finished, position to renew)

Jose David Cely (Colombia) – (term finished, position to renew)
Claudio Estévez Montero (Chile) – (term finished, position to renew)
Mauro Oliveira (Brazil) – (term finished, position to renew)

Kaoru Sezaki (Japan) – (term finished, position to renew)
Yeong Min Jang (South Korea) –  (to be confirmed)
Jian Song (China) – (term finished, position to renew)
Hsi-Pin Ma (Taiwan) –

Tony Sahama (Australia) –

René Baranyi  (Austria) – (new term)
Sergey Balandin (Russia) – (new term)
Nada Philip (UK)  –
Nazim Agoulmine (FR) –
Norbert Noury (FR) –