TC Awards

Award Committees and Granted Awards:


2011-2022 Award Committee members : Dr. Christos Verikoukis (eHealth Secretary), Prof. Sabah Mohammed (eHealth SCH IG Chair), Dr. Xiaohui Liang ( ICC eHealth Symposium Chair), Prof. Honggang Wang (eHealth TC Chair), Chair


2016-2017 Award Committee members : Prof Hassine Moungla, Prof Tony Sahama, Prof Neuman De Souza, Prof Kaoru Sezaki; Hsi-Pin Ma (TC co-chair) and Nazim Agoulmine (TC chair)

  • Best Paper Award (period 2014-2016) was given to  Jie Cao and Mingyang Xu (Wayne State University, USA); Weisong Shi (Wayne State University, USA); Zhifeng Yu (Mobihealth Technologies LLC, USA); Abdulbaset Salim and Paul Kilgore (Wayne State University, USA) for their paper untitled MyPalmVein: A Palm Vein-based Low-cost Mobile Identification System For Wide Age Range published in IEEE Healthcom 2015, Boston, USA, October 2016.
  • Student Best Paper Award (period 2014-2016) was given to Gaetano Catorina, Laura Galluccio and Sergio Palazzo (CNIT Research Unit at University of Catania, Catania, Italy) for their paper untitled “On Modeling Information Spreading in Bacterial Nano-Networks Based on Plasmid Conjugation” published in IEEE Transaction on Nanobioscience, Vol. 15, N°. 6, September 2016.
  • Career Achievement Award was is given to Prof Kaoru Sezaki for all the achievements in his career and contribution to the eHealth domain as well as to the eHealth TC.

The Awards have been distributed during the eHealth TC at Globecom 2017, Singapore.

2014-2015  Award Committee members : Jian Song, Kaoru Sezaki and Norbert Noury (active members), Joel Rodrigues and Nazim Agoulmine (TC Officers)

  • Outstanding Leadership and Service Award given to Dr. Pradeep Ray –  eHealth TC,  ICC 2014, Sydney, Australia.

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